Howard Kaye

Howard Kaye

President and Founding Life Insurance Advisor

Howard Kaye is passionate about helping people create, increase and preserve wealth through the use of life insurance and annuities. As president of the Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, LLC. Howard uses extraordinary concepts to leverage and maximize assets in ways that will surprise and please even the most financially savvy individuals. Howard and his team have successfully created and preserved in excess of $1 billion of wealth.

Howard’s remarkable success in the industry stems from his ability to defy conventional wisdom and employ innovative strategies. He has created a niche market by being at the forefront of advancements in the life insurance and annuity industries. He has proven his leadership through critical thinking, as well as by avoiding outdated biases and misconceptions.

Howard comes by his wisdom through years of working with and being mentored by his father, Barry Kaye who is regarded as the father of the wealth creation and preservation industry. Howard served as President of Barry Kaye Associates for many years prior to taking over the reins from his father and building his own agency.

In 1984, while attending the University of Southern California, Howard began his career in Beverly Hills, California where he was responsible for training and coordinating affiliated insurance agents throughout the United States. His tenacity and persistence contributed to the growth and expansion of the firm into one of America’s largest life insurance and annuity sales and marketing firms.

Today, Howard is an ongoing “Top of The Table” member of the prestigious Million Dollar Roundtable, and a highly respected and sought after presenter, serving as keynote speaker lecturing about life insurance and annuities at financial forums around the country.

Howard is the architect of “In Sure Wealth” Solutions. He was the host and star of the popular “In Sure Wealth” TV series on WXEL Public Broadcasting and the radio and TV host of “Die Rich with Howard Kaye” which aired on NBC. He is also featured on CBS-12 “Money Matters” where he explains many of his proven concepts and solutions.

Howard is a well-known institutional advocate, philanthropist and patron of more than 50 charitable and civic organizations.