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Changing the Way You Buy Life Insurance

At the Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, LLC, our minds work a little differently. We create innovative and effective life insurance solutions. Sometimes that means we take the road less traveled. The truth is, that’s OK with us. We are excited to announce a new offering:! Our website has revolutionized the purchase of term life insurance. At you get […]

The Qualified Charitable Distribution Rules in 2018 That Will Impact Your Estate

Some feel a philanthropic tug on their heartstrings from time to time, while others make charitable donations an integral part of their financial plan. Whether you fall into one category or the other, the qualified charitable distribution rules can help you leverage your donation—and minimize your taxation. The qualified charitable distribution rules have, in previous […]

The Guaranteed Income Annuity Pros and Cons for Retirement Income Planning

If you’ve ever experienced the process of building a custom home, you know that there are seemingly endless options for how you can finish your ceilings, trim your walls, and install cabinets in your kitchen. Consulting with a professional home designer prior to beginning the custom building process helps you to not only narrow down the […]

How to Guarantee Tax-Free Retirement Income by Investing in Life Insurance

“There are only two guarantees in this life, death and taxes.” This popular saying is usually attributed to Benjamin Franklin circa the 1780’s but has certainly come into much wider use since the establishment of the IRS in 1862. It is also a favorite of most financial advisors focused on retirement income planning for obvious […]

Does Term Insurance Have Value as an Investment Alternative? What Your Financial Advisor May Not Know

“The market always bounces back.” “Own your age in bonds.” “Only risk what you’re willing to lose.” These are all common investment sayings you may have heard, possibly even from your own financial advisor. However, you may not have heard your advisor quote this one before: “Buy term and invest the rest.”   This phrase, […]

Non-Qualified Annuity Beneficiary Distribution Tax Options: How to Protect Your Investment—and Loved Ones

Non-qualified annuities—that is, annuities that are not part of an IRA or other tax-qualified retirement plan—can serve as a valuable component of your financial and estate plan. However, there are some potential snags that you may encounter along the way. It’s imperative to understand and make accommodations for these prospective issues well before they arise. […]

The Annuity Formula: Calculating the Present and Future Values of Your Investment

Annuities are a popular investment option, particularly for individuals who are seeking a source of consistent income. As there are many types of annuities, it is crucial to select the best annuity for your needs—both today and in the future. The risk of finding yourself in a situation where you outlive your wealth is simply […]

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