Estate Planning

Estate Planning with Life Insurance

You’ve spent a lifetime building your career and your wealth, and now it’s time to take a step back and switch your focus to your family and other activities you enjoy. But without a solid estate plan, your estate can be deeply discounted as your heirs become unnecessarily exposed to hefty estate taxes, which take your hard-earned money from them and hand it to the government. You need a plan that minimizes your tax exposure and maximizes your legacy.

In our view, estate planning is less about minimizing taxes, and more about making sure that your heirs receive everything that you have worked so hard to provide for them. A properly structured estate plan provides maximum control, with tax efficiency. It enhances the overall value of the estate while providing for the smooth conveyance of assets. A successful estate plan guarantees the lifestyle and standard of living for your children and grandchildren that you envision, while providing for future generations and your favorite charities as well.

At the Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, LLC, we use life insurance to create superior estate plans. Life insurance in estate planning is all about leaving your heirs and your charities the absolute most money possible. Our belief is that it is wise to let the life insurance company pay the estate tax for you. Their broad, financial shoulders are prepared to do so and will help you conserve a tremendous amount of hard earned wealth.

Life insurance is a dynamic estate planning tool that turns the popular premise of estate planning on its ear. Instead of losing control of assets in an effort to simply minimize taxes, we believe in solutions that create more wealth while allowing you maximum control. This additional wealth can be created outside of your taxable estate, and allow those you care about to benefit in ways you have always dreamed they would.

Life insurance can:

  • Discount your Estate Tax Costs up to 90%;
  • Pay Your “Estate Twice;”
  • Create estate liquidity;
  • Leverage the size of your estate;
  • Help facilitate a business succession plan;
  • Protect a successful family business;
  • Provide for special needs of family members;
  • Enhance your charitable giving; and
  • Allow your generosity to continue into perpetuity.

Let Howard Kaye Create a Plan For You

Even if you have an existing estate plan, life events such as second marriages and the introduction of stepchildren will often necessitate changes to that estate plan. Existing assets and life insurance policies may be titled in a manner that complicates your estate settlement efforts rather than facilitate them. These common problems can and should be avoided.

We’ve been helping families create and preserve wealth for decades. As life insurance advisors, we believe the team you work with is crucial in creating and implementing the appropriate estate planning strategy. These issues are far too important to be handled by just anybody.

Contact us today or call us at 800- DIE-RICH (343-7424) and start creating a real plan to organize your finances, reduce your tax exposure, and create a longer lasting legacy for your heirs.