Why Howard Kaye?

The Howard Kaye Advantage: Changing the Way You Think About Wealth

At Howard Kaye Insurance Agency, our minds work a little differently. We believe the best estate plan is the one that passes along the most money possible to your heirs and favorite charities. Sometimes, achieving that objective requires taking the road less traveled.

That’s OK with us.

The experts at Howard Kaye feel we can be bold in our approach because many of today’s most popular and widely used wealth creation techniques were founded by Barry Kaye, Howard Kaye’s father.  

Barry Kaye is a legend in the life insurance industry. With a career spanning five decades, Barry took life insurance, a financial vehicle typically associated with income replacement, and taught individuals and professionals how to position it to build and preserve wealth.

After enjoying an extraordinary career as president of Barry Kaye Associates, Howard Kaye now brings his knowledge and expertise of well over 30 years to Howard Kaye Insurance Agency. Here are some examples of how our advisors can change the way you think about creating and distributing wealth:

  • We will show you that life insurance is not an expense. It’s an asset and investment alternative.
  • We can maximize the return you receive from traditional savings vehicles, such as 401(k)s and IRAs by increasing the ultimate value to 10-20 times the current value.  
  • We can show you how to turn an income stream from a pension, annuity, or even Social Security, into a multimillion-dollar legacy for your heirs.
  • Would you like to give your estate away twice? Our strategies allow you to provide for not only your family but also the charities you support.
  • We can show you how to discount your estate tax costs up to 90%.
  • As life insurance experts, we can review your current policy and come up with unique alternatives. We’ll also show you how to read and understand your life insurance policies.  
  • We don’t only focus on life insurance. We are also experts at lifetime income vehicles and retirement planning strategies. This includes many types of guaranteed annuity solutions.
  • Do you have a policy you don’t need? We can advise about that as well.                                                           

The Howard Kaye advantage is in our rich history and decades of experience. Estate planning can be complex because it overlaps with your tax situation, asset allocation, and individual goals and objectives. Don’t trust that job to just anybody. Call us at 800-DIE-RICH to speak to our experts and learn how you can maximize your legacy and pass more money along to your heirs than you ever thought possible.