Policy Review

It’s Time for a Life Insurance Policy Review

Consider how your life has changed in just the past five years. Did you get married or divorced? Do you have any new grandchildren? Maybe you bought a home, changed jobs, or retired?

Now ask yourself: How often do you review your life insurance coverage? That policy you bought five, 10, or even 20 years ago may no longer be meeting your needs for any number of reasons. We all know that life changes quickly—and constantly—so keeping your policies in line with your current financial profile is extremely important. If you don’t review your policy regularly, you’re at risk of exposing your heirs to unnecessary estate taxes and you could even deprive them of income they may need in the future.

Simply having life insurance doesn’t guarantee that your estate is sufficiently protected from the certain loss of value due to estate taxes.

Even if you bought your policy recently and think you have an adequate amount of coverage, there are many other details that are critically important. If you didn’t work with an experienced life insurance advisor on your current estate plan, you may not be employing the best products and strategies available to create and preserve wealth for your heirs, your estate, and the charities that you support.

In many cases, we can improve coverages or lower premium outlay costs considerably. Either scenario is likely to be a welcome improvement compared to your current situation. The point of a policy review is to find out where you stand today.

A policy review ensures:

  • You have optimal coverage at the lowest possible rates.
  • You know that your coverage is sufficient.
  • You know whether your policy is guaranteed.
  • You know whether your policy is in danger of lapsing.
  • You know whether incorrect ownership has made the policy estate taxable.
  • You know whether the insurer you bought your policy through is still highly rated.
  • You’ve carefully reviewed your beneficiary designations.
  • You have the opportunity to uncover underperforming policies and avoid negative consequences.

Our advisors can thoroughly review your policy and make recommendations that will create and preserve your wealth for generations to come. If we find that you are properly covered by sound life insurance solutions and policies, you will have done so at no cost other than time well spent. To get your free policy review, call us at 800-DIE-RICH.