Income Planning & Annuities

Income Strategies to Make Retirement Dreams a Reality

Income Planning with Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities and Principal-Protected Annuity Solutions

Since our motto is “create and preserve wealth as a matter of policy,” our firm only offers guaranteed principal, safe money solutions that are free from market loss and risk. This “market risk free” approach is central to our income planning philosophy.

We realize that there really is no retirement without income, so our goal is to help our clients create, develop, and implement an income strategy that will make your retirement dreams a reality. Guaranteed lifetime income for one or both spouses, guaranteed principal accumulation annuities, and long-term or home healthcare income multipliers are our specialties. We offer an expansive array of:

  • Guaranteed principal fixed-indexed (hybrid) annuities.
  • Immediate income annuities.
  • Deferred income annuities.
  • Multi-year guaranteed principal annuities.
  • Scheduled income payout system solutions.
  • Long-term care and home healthcare income multipliers and doublers.

With longstanding relationships in almost every state with more than 50 highly-rated insurance carriers, we will have the income solution you and your family need — whether it’s a guaranteed fixed-indexed annuity that offers market-based returns without the risk of loss or a tax-efficient immediate income annuity.

With several hundred options for immediate and deferred annuities designed to provide income either now or later, we have you covered. In fact, we often use a scheduled income payout system approach, which uses multiple annuities to help you optimize your income and future legacy.

With a talented case design team at our disposal and some of the most capable advisors and software available, we are prepared to assist you in a superior manner. We focus on outcomes for the client — not on commission — which is what makes our client experience so advantageous.

Whether it is a new purchase or an IRA rollover or transfer, we are here to help. Our experience handling tax-free 1035 exchanges helps protect you from unwanted, unnecessary taxes. Our annuity advisors are top-notch and have the experience you need.

If you need a review of the options available to you with your current annuity, or just need a way to maximize the annuity assets you already own, we are the winning team you want working for you. Call us today at 800-DIE- RICH for more information or to schedule an appointment.