Life Insurance Strategies to Maximize Your Legacy

Our team has pioneered many of the life insurance strategies that are widely practiced in the financial and estate planning industries today. By showing people how to properly structure and fund life insurance policies, we’ve helped families build, preserve, and distribute more wealth than they ever believed they could. Here are some our most popular strategies:

  • Discounting your estate tax costs up to 90%. By setting up an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) and purchasing a life insurance policy inside of it, you can pass millions of tax-free dollars to your beneficiaries and effectively discount a potentially massive tax bill upon your death.
  • Giving away your estate twice. We can show you how to purchase a life insurance policy for the benefit of your family that equals your total estate value. We can show you how to do this and still leave an equivalent amount to the charities of your choosing. This strategy involves setting up a properly structured life insurance trust and using your lifetime exemption. You no longer need to decide between family and charity.
  • Seeing life insurance as an investment alternative. Many people fail to view life insurance as an asset class. But life insurance has the ability to generate significant tax free returns and provide peace of mind through a death benefit that is tax-free and fully guaranteed.
  • Maximizing your IRA, 401(k), and annuities. These plans pose large income and estate tax challenges. There is a solution you can count on. Properly structured life insurance can optimize and maximize the after tax value of these accounts turning those accounts into millions of tax-free dollars for your family and for charity.
  • Reviewing your present life insurance policy. Is your life insurance policy still competitive? Our policy review will confirm if you have the optimal coverage at the lowest possible rates. It can also make sure that your policy is held with a reputable insurer and that your coverage is sufficient and guaranteed.
  • Buying life expectancy insurance. The most expensive part of life insurance is insuring the years beyond your life expectancy. If you buy insurance that only lasts to life expectancy — say to age 86 or 92 instead of age 100 — you can save a fortune. Plus, you’ll still have the option of continuing your policy in the future.
  • Using life settlements and the secondary market for life insurance. A life settlement is an opportunity, usually for someone elderly or with a shortened lifespan, to sell his or her life insurance policy for more than its cash surrender value in the secondary market. This strategy can provide a family with money when it’s needed rather than waiting until after the death of the insured.
  • Guaranteeing lifetime income and annuities/retirement planning. Are you worried about running out of money during retirement? Our advisors can introduce you to products and strategies that will create guaranteed lifetime income that can’t be outlived and still make sure you have enough left to leave a legacy for your heirs.
  • Generate Tax-Free Retirement Income Through Life Insurance. If you are looking for an excellent way to create tax-free supplemental income for retirement, consider using our specialized life insurance policies which offer tax benefits and asset protection at the same time. These specialized policies can be linked to a major market index to provide growth and income without the risk of investment losses.

These strategies are not wishful thinking. They are real, actual strategies that we’ve implemented for countless families, including our own! Call the experts at Howard Kaye Insurance Agency today at 800-DIE-RICH and start creating an estate plan that passes more money along than you ever imagined.