Review Your Present Life Insurance Policy

When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance policy? Many of us purchased our policies decades ago and don’t have any idea if that original policy is still the best one to meet our needs. That policy you bought years ago may have been based on assumptions related to dividends, interest rates, and policy costs. Perhaps you are now being asked to cough up more money than originally projected, or perhaps you soon will be. It is even possible that your policy may not be able to run as long as originally intended due to low interest earnings or increased charges. That is exactly why you should speak with us.

When it comes to tailoring your life insurance policy to your current needs, you have plenty of options: Sometimes, restructuring your existing policy will make sense. Other times, you may be able to take the cash value out of your existing policy, use a 1035 (tax-free) exchange into another policy, and realize a lower premium structure going forward.

Reviewing your life insurance policies can also reassure you that:

  • You have optimal coverage at the lowest possible rates.
  • Your coverage is sufficient.
  • Your policy is guaranteed.
  • Your policy isn’t in danger of lapsing.
  • Incorrect ownership hasn’t made the policy estate taxable.
  • The insurer you bought your policy through is still highly rated.
  • You’ve carefully reviewed your beneficiary designations.
  • You’ve had the opportunity to uncover underperforming policies and avoid negative consequences.

The advisors at Howard Kaye have the experience to review your current policy and ensure that you have the best possible coverage to meet your needs. Doing this exercise not only helps to avoid unwanted scenarios from taking place, but it can help you better preserve and transfer your wealth from one generation to the next.

If we find that you are properly covered by the best possible life insurance solution, that’s great! Our review will cost you nothing and make you even more confident about what you own. If we find there are changes to be made, you will have the opportunity to work with leading experts in the life insurance industry whose strategies have been implemented successfully for decades. Contact us today at 800-DIE-RICH and let’s get your review underway.